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This is a great little GUI for creating/managing handlers, but unfortunately right now it is really limited to use as a shortcut for manual registry editing (as done in the Windows example here).

The parsing this tool provides provides, while useful, does not suffice to help handle parameters for most programs (beyond Putty). Realistically, better parsing could be done on a per-program basis using some sort of BAT or VBS file.

It'd be great if there were an improved parsing option, perhaps using regular expressions on the URL to contain multiple matches (%1% %2% etc.), including a couple provided regexes for common use, for example parsing the PHP parameters (i.e. "?param1=value1&param2=value2") or Directory structure (i.e. "Dir1\Dir2"). The regex system would give the end user virtually unlimited parsing capability.

This suggestion would really make this program much more versatile. Thank you for considering it.

P.S. On a related subject, when trying to make a "telnet://" handler for Putty, I noticed Windows already has one in the registry, but instead of using "%1" they use "%l" (L). Unfortunately, I can find no documentation for the use of other parameters like that in the registry. According to Microsoft, it may possibly be involved with "ShellExecute" but I can find no additional information (the page they link is dead).